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Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout: How the Timeless Wisdom of One Man Can Impact an Entire Generation
Lessons From a Third Grade Dropout: How can the timeless wisdom of one man impact an entire generation, by Rick Rigsby

Join Rick Rigsby as he dusts off time-tested beliefs and finds brilliantly simple answers to modern society’s questions. In a magnificent testament to the “Greatest Generation” which gave so much and asked so little in return, Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout will challenge you while reigniting your passion to lead a truly fulfilling life.

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We appreciate when people take time to write about how we have impacted their lives.

—Rick Rigsby Communications Staff


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To: Rick
From: P.K.

I had the privilege of hearing your speech today at the Houston Auto Show, just wanted to say I thought it was fantastic. You truly have a gift and I'm very appreciative that you share it with others. . . I have to do what I can to teach my children what I feel is the right way to live…and overcome all the obstacles that our media entrenched lives present to that goal. Your speech made me realize how much more important that goal is than I ever thought, thank you.

I also appreciate your candor and your drive to be not only better…but the best. It’s too easy these days to settle for average or ok and I am so happy to hear someone is out there championing the cause of expecting more from not only others but more importantly from themselves…
Thanks again and here's to being the Best!

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