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The demands of modern-day leadership are expanding exponentially with the proliferation of technology, multi-generational workforces, distributed and global teams and heightened sensitivities in the workplace. Practices, planning and development tools of the industrial age seem archaic when compared to the needs of today's agile and tech-first companies.

Often, in the name of speed, companies lose sight of their most valuable resource—their people. The human capital and its much-needed relationship structure is the most expensive part of business, yet also, the most powerful and effective when trained, tuned and called to the excellence required to compete.

5-Star Leadership, developed by Dr. Rick Rigsby, focuses on the five critical areas for leadership development to take teams and companies beyond outdated growth and productivity training. These core elements are the building blocks of leadership that foster generations of inspired and engaged teams that produce the leaders of today and tomorrow.

After Rick's inspiring and uplifting viral video and keynote presentation, Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout, business owners and c-level executives continue seeking critical help to mobilize their teams to greater service, higher profits and ultimately making a significant impact in the marketplace.

Together with Rick's business partner and coach, Kevin Breeding, a former Walmart Stores executive, 5-Star Leadership workshop participants are challenged, inspired, coached and equipped with the essential tools to multiply their team's capacity, quality, service and effectiveness.

5-Star Leadership is offered as a 1-Day Workshop or a Quarterly Leadership Summit format. To find out more and consider scheduling your 5-Star Leadership program, email and mention "5-Star" in the subject line.